Tymon de Laat - West-Kruiskade Zodiac
Tymon de Laat - Zodiac West-Kruiskade
Tymon de Laat - Zodiac
Tymon de Laat - Zodiac Progress

6 meter x 6 meter.
Spray paint on brick wall.
Tymon de Laat 2023
Corner West Kruiskade, Rotterdam NL.

I finished this piece on my birthday yesterday painting in my hometown just around the corner of my studio. Zodiac is a mural made for the asian community that traditionally celebrates their @rotterdamchinesenewyear on one of the most multi cultulture diverse streets in Rotterdam. Each year a new zodiac sign is leading for the sentiment of the coming year and is opened by the typical dragon dance. The mask of the dragon was leading for the linework in the face, like the round teeth, the mustache and figure above the eye. Their will be a nice addition coming in the next few months to this wall but more on that at a later stage. I want to extend a big thank you to the team of Vivre productions and streetart museum for setting this up and @hollandcasino for the opportunity to give back to society.

Thanks also to.all who came by the wall and support. @streetartaustralia @riannijssen

Just around the corner you can find amazing piece by legends like @insane51 @peeta_ead @wd_wilddrawing @telmomiel

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De Laat started painting murals and canvases, often based on his own photographs of the people he met during his travels. He exaggerates the natural lines in their faces, and fills the spaces that appear between those swirling lines with swaths of vivid color. The linework and color palette he applies in that way, are a means of translating his memories of Latin America to visual imagery. The food, the architecture, the clothes, and particularly his respect for the culture of indigenous peoples; it’s all in there, as de Laat transitions it over to enliven drab Western concrete.

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