Set Sail on canvas

Set Sail on canvas

Working on a different approach to the same subject painted as a mural.

This time on a 30 x 40cm canvas with Liquitex and Posca markers. A great combo to work with due to their own strong characteristics like transparancy and opaque qualities.

This is a work in progress. I love to try out new stuff and mess up along the way. Those are the moments of growth that comes best to me. Never stop experimenting so i am chucking those inhibitions overboard. Lets see where this will take me.

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De Laat started painting murals and canvases, often based on his own photographs of the people he met during his travels. He exaggerates the natural lines in their faces, and fills the spaces that appear between those swirling lines with swaths of vivid color. The linework and color palette he applies in that way, are a means of translating his memories of Latin America to visual imagery. The food, the architecture, the clothes, and particularly his respect for the culture of indigenous peoples; it’s all in there, as de Laat transitions it over to enliven drab Western concrete.

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