Birth of a new age – Jeangu Macrooy

Birth of a new age – Jeangu Macrooy
“Birth of a new age”
20 meter x 24 meter.
Spraypaint on brick wall.
Sallandweg Rotterdam.
Tymon de Laat 2021.
Project: Up Street Rotterdam.

For the 2021 eurovision festival I have painted the portrait of the Dutch entry Jeangu Macrooy right across Ahoy. This is part of the city dressing campaign of Rotterdam.

The design incorporates element that refer to the new track Birth of a new age which tells about the strenght of a person no matter how people percieve you This is based on a surinam expression that half a cent is so small but still has value and cannot be broken. I have used elements of this coin like the round shape and kaffir lime plant of this half cent coin for the design. The light of a new day strike his face and his gaze is set hopefully on the horizon.

I want to thank the many people involved in this project #UpStreetRotterdam Hip hop In Je Smoel, Rotterdam Make it Happen and Rotterdam Festivals.
You all know who you are??

A massive thanks goes to the support of Riwal skylifts,  Montana spraycans , Caru containers bv and haven bedrijf Rotterdam.


Gers magazine wrote the following interview:
Tymon de Laat maakte dé muurschildering van Jeangu Macrooy: ‘Ik stond in een sneeuwstorm en hagelbuien’

Kunstenaar Tymon de Laat geeft kleur aan Rotterdam. Hij maakte vele muurschilderingen op gebouwen in de stad. Zijn laatste publieke werk is een twintig meter hoog portret van Jeangu Macrooy, de Nederlandse inzending voor het Eurovisie Songfestival. Hiervoor stond hij twaalf dagen lang in alle weersomstandigheden op de steiger. “Niet lullen, maar poetsen noemen we dat in Rotterdam, toch?!”


This mural can also be seen in: Gers! Magazine – Sterker door Strijd [PDF]


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De Laat started painting murals and canvases, often based on his own photographs of the people he met during his travels. He exaggerates the natural lines in their faces, and fills the spaces that appear between those swirling lines with swaths of vivid color. The linework and color palette he applies in that way, are a means of translating his memories of Latin America to visual imagery. The food, the architecture, the clothes, and particularly his respect for the culture of indigenous peoples; it’s all in there, as de Laat transitions it over to enliven drab Western concrete.

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