From the heart of maguey

From the heart of maguey
Tymon de Laat - From the heart of maguey - model
Tymon de Laat - From the heart of maguey Atempan Puebla
Tymon de Laat - From the heart of maguey close-up 1
Tymon de Laat - From the heart of maguey progress 1
Tymon de Laat - From the heart of maguey progress 3
Tymon de Laat - From the heart of maguey progress 2
Tymon de Laat - From the heart of maguey - Mexico

“From the heart of maguey”
14 meter x 5 meter.
Latex and spraypaint on wall.
Atempan Puebla, Mexico.
Tymon de Laat, 2023.
Project for the Dutch embassy in Mexico and Colectivo Tomate.

To know the past is to hold the future. Preserving and honouring the knowledge and traditions that have been handed down for many generations create a healthy base for a culturally rich and wealthy future generation.

Pulque production has always had a stong presence in the central region of Mexico and has been traded in the the market of Atempan for many centuries. In recent years pulque production is challenged by more accesible comercial goods. In a world that is ever changing we should honour and celebrate the tradition by the pulqueros like the model in this image Maria Teresa de Assencion Flores.

Pulque is a light alcoholic liquid that is harvested from the heart of the maguey (agave) plant by removing the inner 3 or 4 leaves exposing the core of the plant. The plant leaks it’s moist into the core where they can then harvest it with a little cup. This proces is called “raspar”. Back in the days this was one of the few methodes that were available to access fresh drinkable water as sanitary irrigation was not present in small communities in the regions. In a way like the beer production was for europe in the middle ages. Now that sanitation is more present this tradition is losing it’s necessity and needs to be preserved. I hope to assist this preservatiin by painting about this tradition.

I would like to extend my grattitude to the Dutch embassy and collectivo Tomate for the invitation. The project had some ups and downs working 3 weeks in the cold and humid mountain region amidst the clouds, but i am happy to say we made it in the end. Thank you to all the beautiful people I have gotten to meet and artists in this project.

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De Laat started painting murals and canvases, often based on his own photographs of the people he met during his travels. He exaggerates the natural lines in their faces, and fills the spaces that appear between those swirling lines with swaths of vivid color. The linework and color palette he applies in that way, are a means of translating his memories of Latin America to visual imagery. The food, the architecture, the clothes, and particularly his respect for the culture of indigenous peoples; it’s all in there, as de Laat transitions it over to enliven drab Western concrete.

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